Microsoft Government Contract 252-001-09-1

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SHI is the Sole Contracted Provider for Microsoft Products on State contract number 252-001-09-1. The expiration date of the Government contract is 07-31-15.  Documentation and Media are not included in the license prices but are available on the Tab titled "Media&Docs".

Keyless CDs: all products in the MS Office family are now being shipped by MS without keys. To obtain the key that will work for every product in the keyless Office family call 1-888-352-7140. Inform MS that you are part of the Select (not Open) agreement with the state and provide your enrollment #.  If you do not know your Enrollment # please contact the FL Team at 800-543-0432. 

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) pricing is available to the State of Florida customers under contract number 252-001-09-1 and previously under 255-001-01-1. Please note that pricing listed is general EA pricing.  Enterprise Agreements are highly customized contracts that are prepared for the specific needs of each customer.  Your EA might differ as EA pricing is based on the individual customer situation and negotiated contract with Microsoft.  For the most up-to-date information on the EA possibilities for your Agency/City/County please contact your local SHI representative.  Contact info can be found on the main page, under Your Account Team.


Please contact the Notices Contact and Online Administrator on your Select Plus/EA enrollment to retrieve your key from the VLSC site.

Licenses: Microsoft does not ship license certificates. Proof of purchase is the license to use Microsoft products.