Case Study:

Software Developer Realizes $300M in Cost Savings during Microsoft and Oracle Audits

SHI Audit Defense prepares customer for future audits – saving them millions in the process.


Customer Profile

A leader in customer relationship management, business processes and digital automation


Customer needed to respond to Microsoft and Oracle audits.


IT Lifecycle

SHI Audit Defense Services helped the customer redeploy existing Microsoft licenses and reduce Oracle noncompliance by 99.95%.


  • Customer realized $2M in cost savings by re-harvesting Microsoft licenses
  • Reduced Oracle noncompliance by 99.95% - saving $300M
  • Better understanding and preparation for future audits

The last thing anyone wants to see when we open that email (or envelope) is an audit letter from a software publisher. SHI's certified ITAM Audit Defense experts ensure customers are audit-ready by reviewing their assets, speaking to publishers as an informed third party and advising clients on best practices for becoming and remaining compliant.


A large developer of enterprise customer relationship management software had been experiencing growing pains for two years, trying to manage license usage while maintaining 30% growth, year over year. Things got complicated when the customer received a letter notifying them of an upcoming Microsoft audit.

In the middle of a cloud migration, with only a high-level understanding of their software entitlements and no accurate view of their inventory, the customer turned to SHI for help with responding to the audit.


SHI's Audit Defense team provides vendor negotiation support to the customer and acts as the customer’s first line of defense to help them understand their rights during an audit. To empower SHI on their behalf as a consultative group of experts, the customer released SHI from their NDA and granted them permission to speak directly to the auditors.

Using the JDisc inventory discovery tool, SHI scanned their environment, troubleshooting and validating data, while simultaneously providing progress reports to the auditors. The team constructed a Microsoft Baseline to help the customer understand their license environment, both in response to the audit and in the future.

Because Personal Identifying Information (PII) and GDPR security around their data were both of considerable concern to the customer, SHI presented two rounds of data: one for internal use by the customer and another that was cleansed and normalized to be handed over and used by the auditors.

After a full analysis of their licensing environment, the customer realized an estimated $2M in cost savings by re-harvesting existing Microsoft licenses.

The successful navigation of the Microsoft audit led the customer to engage SHI to help with an audit defense with Oracle audit defense, reducing noncompliance by 99.95% - from $300M down to $150k.