Audit Defense

Received a letter from a publisher regarding an audit? Looking to conduct a thorough audit readiness evaluation? SHI’s Audit Defense team is here to help!

Our team of certified ITAM experts and former auditors will review your assets, speak to publishers on your behalf, advise you on best practices and coach you through the necessary steps toward becoming or remaining compliant.

Audit Defense three-step process:



  • We will have an introductory conversation to discuss and review your organization’s specific needs.


  • Our ITAM experts will customize a proposal based on your unique software landscape and current compliance position.


  • Our Audit Defense experts will begin conducting Baseline Assessments for the identified publisher(s), looping in legal support when needed.
  • Compliance data is provided in real-time and our compliance experts are readily available to help you take corrective action immediately.
  • We will help you negotiate post-audit contracts best-suited for your environment and will even contact publishers directly on your behalf.


  • Cut costs by finding unused licenses
  • Free up internal resources for other projects
  • Obtain accurate compliance findings
  • Lower non-compliance risk
  • Discover software licensing issues that affect IT planning and business decisions
  • And more!

Ready to take the first step toward complete audit readiness?
Contact us today to learn more about SHI’s Audit Defense solution!