ITAM Baseline Assessment

Identifying and understanding the status of each license – deployed or not – is the first step of any IT Asset Management (ITAM) program…and that’s where SHI’s Baseline Assessment comes into play.

As a one-time, single or multi-vendor snapshot, our Baseline builds the base for your entire ITAM program by highlighting compliance risks and providing expert advice on how to prevent overspending, increase software compliance and streamline your ITAM processes.

Each Baseline consists of a three-step process:


Entitlement Position

Analyze your license reports and understand what software you’re entitled to deploy


Deployment Position

Learn how your licenses are deployed across your entire organization


Compliance Review

Identify your compliance risks and create a recommended action plan

Benefits of the ITAM Baseline:

  • Additional insight into deployed software organization-wide
  • Compliance for entire license environment
  • Reduced spending
  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Mitigate audit risks
  • Dedicated ITAM team
We offer private Baseline Assessments specific to a wide range of industry-leading manufacturers, some of our most popular being:

How It's Done

Believe it or not, we don’t pull your license information out of thin air. Our inventory collection experts utilize an agentless discovery tool called JDisc to gain a complete, easy-to-digest snapshot of your environment – at any time.

  • Discovers applications installed on Windows, UNIX, Linux and MAC OS X computers
  • Special scripts identify Oracle database installations
  • Determines database instances for many databases (Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and more)
  • Extends the software discovery by your individual custom scripts
  • And more!
Learn More About JDisc

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